About Us

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As time goes by, technology becomes more and more complex. It is quickly becoming a necessity for people to have the know-how on how technology works. Indeed, innovation is progress, but it also requires everyone to step up their game with new developments emerging from time to time.

JP Associates specializes in providing computer and IT consulting services for private professionals, businesses, and organizations. We cater to clients who are interested in improving their business practices through IT. At the same time, we also cater to companies who wish to remain relevant in today’s technology-filled industries. We equip our clients with foundational knowledge so they can effectively keep up with the fast changing industry they are currently participating in.

We are resilient in fulfilling our mission:

“It is the mission of JP Associates to produce technology-inclined and well-informed clients through the delivery of holistic solutions that cover computer systems and effective data management.”

If you have any questions regarding any of our consulting services, please talk to us at 301-549-4481.